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Re: PROBLEM: Two disks in two different floppies, but with SAME name

Originally posted by andreas
If this is an emulator problem, it ought to be fixed ASAP.
I also had gurus with WinUAE when working with two identical disks in different drives.
NOTE: For a test candidate, grab XoreX's upload of D-Day (French), because every disk has in fact the same name (but different contents)!
Ok, I digged out my A500+ with Kick-Switch (1.3 and 2.0) and also tested with WinUAE 0.8.17R2

A500+/Kick 1.3 ----> Crash
A500+/Kick 2.0 ----> works fine
WinUAE Kick 1.3 --> Crash
WinUAE Kick 2.0 --> also works fine

so it definitely seems to be a Kickstart Problem and it´s NOT emulator related .....
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