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I don't really know what the problem is, but....

With AmigaDOS, if you insert 2 disks with exactly the same name, it will treat them as 2 different disks.

Let's say you insert KingOfChicagoDisk1 into df0:
Then you insert KingOfChicagoDisk1 into df1: (For some reason you have the same disk twice)

AmigaDOS will see these as 2 different disks. If you double click on the df1: one, you will get the dir listing of df1: (and vice versa with df0: )

Another example. Let's say you insert KingOfChicagoDisk1 into DF0: and you open df0: and leave the window open, then take out the disk in df0: (but the icon will stay on Workbench)
You then insert KingOfChicagoDisk1 (the other disk you have) into df0: . Even though they have the same name, AmigaDOS will treat it as a different disk and will therefore request the original disk to be replaced

I know I don't sound very clear, but that's what happens
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