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Doom Master

Hi everyone,

DoomMaster - you should see the crap that this guy caused on

We've now banned him twice (using 2 different usernames).

Things started off in quite a comical way (his silly comments made us all laugh!!). He once told us that "lots of girls have called me big"..... oh yes, we all had a big chuckle at that one!!

Anyway, my point is..... this guy seems to cause bad feeling wherever he goes. No doubt you've all done web-searches and found other sites/boards where he has caused similar problems.

So, just to warn you that this guy doesn't seem to go away, and if he does, then he always comes back with an alter-ego.

It's sad that some people have to spend so much time causing bad feeling to otherwise happy and useful forums.

Best wishes to you all,

Assassin / Adrenalin UK
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