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Stefan, thank you very much for reminding me about YM Rockerz. I downloaded all their releases again, and between them, have found 5 or 6 great tunes, (one from Stu and all! ). The rest was the usual 80s/90s mishmash I'm not interested to hear. but the tunes I did find to be worth listening, were awesome!

Now, you said Stu's stuff was not very "demoscene style". This is a perfect scenario to describe what I mean about old synthchip composers. To many, the "demoscene style" is about making music like if we were stuck in the 80s or 90s ("as if we're in '82", Miss Kittin would say ). if this was true, the Amiga scene would have been chockful of this retro lameshit and would have not progressed. rob Hubbard, Chris Hulsbeck and all those artists, composed music influenced by the music they were listening to at that moment. But these people I talk about make music in the style of these old composers, therefore they sound like the music thos composer listened to back then! I mean, this is 2004, and surely there's other music out there which you listen to and influences you. I mean, I'm not influenced by Synergy or Jarre, even when I heard about them, is not the sort of music I am interested in nowadays, so, why would I want to compose like that? Just because it's the supposed "demoscene style"? I have to strongly disagree. To me the "demoscene style" is that of continuos innovation! This is not an attack to you Stefan, but this is how lots of people think of the demoscenes and I don't like it. We could take this to another thread on its own

ManicX, I have loads of YM choons I dont know if as many as you, but quite a lot for now! first I'll find a good YM player for Mac. Thanks for the offer.
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