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Originally Posted by Akira
It sounds like an YM trying to sound like a SID. Please accept the fact, that they both sound completely different. Each chip is so unique that its qualities pour through every composition you hear! Sorry, but I don't think that sounds like SID at all, and a YM sounds like a YM, and that's why I got a bunch of YM machines to use for my music (no ST yet though, I have trouble finding one for a price I can afford, can anybody help me? )
Oh yes, they sound different, this is a fact. In many cases, especially the sync buzzer effect sounds like sid. Although the sid-voice effect was supposed to make it sound like SID, I think the sync buzzer gets closer. I still remember listening to a remix of a LN2 sound on the ST that sounded exectly like a C64... Unfortunately, it's being a long time since I was involved with the production of music on YM2149 and I don't have the time to start learning how to use a synth tracker or start writing 68k ASM to try and make a sid sound again...

Yes, these are "fake" effects. I didn't say sound (you hear them, so they are real ). They are a byproduct of the clever programming done by very clever guys. I call it fake because it is not under the YM or SID chip specification to do certain things, these effects you mention and stuff like the digital "4th channel" on the SID, are fake, because they are not possible by the hardware spec of the chips. As you said, these effects you talk about are only possible in an ST. If they were "true" effects, they would be possible in a ZX too.I think the sample reproduction in an ST is created in a similar way as that of the SID but I'm not sure, I would like to have a better description, got any links?
I will borrow the term used by Stefan, they are TRUE ST sounds! But I love them. I spend last evening listening to YMs and I found two examples of very good sounds. Ot's basically the same YM in two different YM types. One is YM5 (SID) and the other is YM6 (this is the best format and the specific YM is certainly with sync-buzzer). You can listen to the difference. I may make them MP3s and upload them somewhere tomorrow so you can see the difference between two of the most popular ST sound effects. As for a link try this. It's not the most detailed info on the web, but leonard is one of the ST sceners who knows YMing VERY well... I am not sure if there are any tools to play YMs on the Mac, but if you know of any I have 16.4 Mb of YMs, compressed as ZIP!
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