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Originally Posted by DoomMaster
You are wrong about me. It sounds like YOU are an "idiot" and a "fucken moron". The word is "fucking", learn how to spell. I know that you are just jealous of my popularity. A lot of you guys are. It is true that I have created some of the best addon maps in the world for Doom II, Blood, Duke Nukem, and Shadow Warrior. If you want, I can teach you how to create good maps too. I can see why you have been reading my posts on Amiga Org for months, I posted some great stuff and helped a lot of people solve their Amiga problems. Wayne and a few of the moderators got jealous of my popularity. There was even a post where Wayne was bragging to everybody how he banned me. That pissed a lot of people off. They told Wayne that he should not have banned me because they liked me. I made the forums less boring and that I was one of the only members who actually helped people. Many folks left Amiga Org because I was banned (they emailed me and told me so). Now, a few of the members on Amiga Org that hate me are spreading lies about me. That's ok. I WILL RETURN TO AMIGA ORG to deal with these punks soon. I can change my IP at will, they will not be able to stop the DoomMaster's wrath. Amiga Org is using the php software which I can very easily hack into and fuck it up. I had already warned them that I would do this if they did not stop harassing me. I have been a member of one of the biggest pirate and hacker groups in the world since 1985. This organization still exists today, but is kept secret for obvious reasons. The average PC has about 10,000 ports that can be accessed by a hacker. Have you ever wondered why you guys now need "SpyWare Detection" software installed on your computers? It is because companies pay hackers to write to your Windows Registry or even install software on your hard drive, without you knowing about it. I proved to this one woman how easy it is for me to trace a web connection and see what credit card numbers she typed into her PayPal account. I tracked her down through 29 different servers to Sweden. I then emailed her with the following information: Name, Address, Phone Number, Credit Card Number she was using on PayPal, her eBay account information, what version of Windows she was using, and all of the places she had visited on the internet that day. She was amazed that I was able to track her down and get so much "private" information from her computer. I told her that she should empty the Temporary Internet folder and clear the History folder every day. And to also delete the Cookies everyday. I told her to also install a good firewall and a spyware checking program. I also informed her that it would be a good idea if she changes her IP address everyday too. She thanked me for my advice. Anyway, you would be wise to keep your big mouth shut, you just might learn something from me.
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