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Huge list and great job, FWW!
As usual, when there are so many titles it would be very difficult...

Barbarian 2 -> A great sequel, much better than the first
Battle Squadron -> On of the best SEU
Beast -> Big piece of history, even if overrated
Bubble Bobble -> Best game ever, but Amiga version isn't so good (IMHO)
Future Wars -> Delphine's first hit
Maniac Mansion -> Classic of the classics
Kick Off -> Bugged but I spend on it soooo many hours with my friends!!!
New Zealand Story -> Nice conversion
Ninja Warriors -> Very nice conversion and music
Rainbow Island -> This rocks
R-Type -> Always loved this game
Xenon 2 -> Stunning but overrrated

This time is really too difficult... I'll think on it and I'll vote next week!
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