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Originally Posted by Stefan Lindberg
The "sid-voice","sync-buzzer" and other sounds might be "fake" YM2149-sounds but they are true Atari ST-sounds
I said it before, they are fake EFFECTS or capabilities, but the sonds are TRUE, you hear them, don't you?

I love Stu's stuff, and that is what I like to see in the scene, REFRESHING stuff not the same old 1990s shit being done in 2004. In the C64, there are a bunch of composers going this "refreshing" route as well, but obvioulsy the bigger number like to do the "let's compose like if we were stuck in the 1980s" stuff.

I heard the stuff by YM Rockerz, and it sounds not so refreshing to me either. I confess not having a listen to tehm in ages so I wil go to tehir page again and download some stuff..

My current fave song (YM or otherwise!) it's "chiprape" by Stu. That song is a perfect, PERFECT breakbeats song, completely laid out in AAtari ST YM brilliance. This guy is one to look forward to. people like him is what I consider to be the future of composition in all these old chips and computers.

hippel did stuff on the Amiga but I think he was much better on teh ST, teh absolute KING of ST sound.
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