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Originally Posted by manicx
Do you know everything about music composition?
No, I'm not going to be an arrogant twat like this guy above, but I know what I need to know, and regarding ST tracking, you are right in saying I'm quite the 'n00b', but all these chips have been "pushed" similarly so you CAN make sortf of a bridge between their evolution.

There are several tunes with sid-voice that sound a bit like C64 sounds, trust me on that. You can't judge from 1 or 2 YMs. Thing is that YMing on the ST has nothing to do with YMing on the CPC and Spectrum.
It sounds like an YM trying to sound like a SID. Please accept the fact, that they both sound completely different. Each chip is so unique that its qualities pour through every composition you hear! Sorry, but I don't think that sounds like SID at all, and a YM sounds like a YM, and that's why I got a bunch of YM machines to use for my music (no ST yet though, I have trouble finding one for a price I can afford, can anybody help me? )

Thing is that nobody tried to imitate SID. That's why it was called Sid-voice.
You do see the contradiction in this ilne, right?
And I think I will disagree that they were fake sounds.
Yes, these are "fake" effects. I didn't say sound (you hear them, so they are real ). They are a byproduct of the clever programming done by very clever guys. I call it fake because it is not under the YM or SID chip specification to do certain things, these effects you mention and stuff like the digital "4th channel" on the SID, are fake, because they are not possible by the hardware spec of the chips. As you said, these effects you talk about are only possible in an ST. If they were "true" effects, they would be possible in a ZX too.I think the sample reproduction in an ST is created in a similar way as that of the SID but I'm not sure, I would like to have a better description, got any links?

I can make my electribe sound like if it was a man talking, but that does not mean that it has speech synthesis! It's just a product of my clever programming of its sound.
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