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I hope that you get to read this before/if it gets deleted, I really do.

I have been reading Amiga boards for a long time and have seen the level of your shit on

Now you come and invade one of the last great Amiga havens, EAB. I don't post often but I have to post this:

You are an idiot, an absolute fucken moron. I have had enough of reading your shit.

You create maps for Doom so you are the DoomMaster? Give me a break, in the REAL world you are a nobody who has to come on the internet and attempt to ruin the polite conversations of others so that you can feel good about yourself.

You say you don't take any crap, Im visiting the USA from Australia soon on business. If you don't take crap what is your address? I would fork out my own money to detour from my trip and see how much crap you don't take.

I apologise in advance to other members of EAB who from my experience are mostly great blokes/gals, but try reading this guys crap for a few months and you will be as annoyed as I am. Sorry guys.
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