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Originally Posted by DoomMaster
Did you ever stop to think that just maybe "I do know it all"? I am not saying that I do, but I DO know more about the Amiga and Atari ST computers then you and most of the other people in this group. I am not being "arrogant" when I mention that I am the DoomMaster. Afterall, my name is indeed famous, but yours is not. Just accept that and stop being jealous or envious of me. I am actually a very nice guy. I just don't take any crap from people. I could be a good friend to you, but YOU must first change your attitude toward me.
I don't care if you're the fookin Pope your an arrogant prick!!

I don't care if you single handedly designed, marketed, sold Amiga or ST your an arrogant prick!!

I don't have to show any self-centred, big-headed arrogant prick anything, and as for me being jealous... what have I got to be jealous of? the size of your head or your ego?

Your name is indeed famous and it does indeed have a reputation and that reputation is:

The ability to talk absolute bollox to anyone regarding the Amiga, the nastiness to sell people pirated copies of disks and also to rip people off by selling them hardware that never turns up!!

Doommaster my arse, more like GloomyBastard!!
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