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Originally Posted by Unknown_K
So you own every A500 in your country now?
nope he doesn't own mine =]

I own.

1 * A1200 /030@28mhz / 68882 fpu/ 8mb fast. 540mb hd.
1 * CD32
1 * A1200std (gave it to a scene dude in the hope of getting some telefone info, man i got ripped off.)
1 * A500 K1.3 512kb fast.
1* A500 broken
1 * A600HD
1 * A600HD broken

and am using my mates A1200std.
But I only have 2 monitors, one working, and one I still have to suss out, but damn left the A1200 at the parents house.

Sadly most Amiga hardware was/is pretty much just dumped at the rubbish tip, instead of advertising it "free for removal" =[
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