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Originally Posted by DoomMaster
Why is my talk about the Atari STs MIDI ports and General MIDI "laughable"? I made a good point. The main "sound chip" for an Atari ST is a General MIDI keyboard, not the Yamaha sound chip that is inside the Atari ST. t

Yes, my Amiga with a MIDI interface OBVIOUSLY sounds great when I connect it to a Korg Trinity! You silly fuck!

Just in case you didn't notice, we were discussing the sound synthesis capabilities of two computers with Stefan. If you are going to chip in, at least speak of what we speak, or avoid posting nonsensical garbage.

You make me laugh.

Unknown: I think it's best for everyone to ignore him, but right now, I'm enjoying having a laugh on expense of this character.

general MIdI keyboard

DoomMaster is a great musician, and KNOWS IT ALL regarding music gear.

You surely are famous, but for all the wrong reasons. I wouldn't be proud if I was you!
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