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Originally Posted by bippym
I am BippyM, does that mean anything?


you repeating the above quote means absolutely nothing other than proving to the world how arrogant you actually are!

I have no problem with you other than your arrogance and know-it-all attitude!!

I never have and never will own an ST btw and I don't give a rats-ass what midi chip or keyboard it has!!!
Did you ever stop to think that just maybe "I do know it all"? I am not saying that I do, but I DO know more about the Amiga and Atari ST computers then you and most of the other people in this group. I am not being "arrogant" when I mention that I am the DoomMaster. Afterall, my name is indeed famous, but yours is not. Just accept that and stop being jealous or envious of me. I am actually a very nice guy. I just don't take any crap from people. I could be a good friend to you, but YOU must first change your attitude toward me.
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