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Originally Posted by Akira
Please shut the fuck up. Your repetitiveness is annoying, why does anyone have to agree with the way you want tfor thsi thread?

If you want to know the answer to your question, go a page back and read that I LIKE THE BLOODY ST.

Your talk about MIDI ports and "general MIDI keybaord" is so laughable I won't even reply to it.

Hillsy: The music in Turrican Amiga doesn't "cut off" because the tFMX format has more channels of sound available, but this is done by software(clever programing). Same happened with Octamed. The meega only has 4 hardware channels of sound. But with the particular case of Turrican, I'm not sure, correct me if I'm wrong but the ST ony has 3 hardware channels. Amiga Turrican uses 3 channels for sound and 1 for FX (using 7 channels of TFMX would be much of a hog so this is only utilized in the intro music). If this is the case, the ST needs to cut one up to let the FX in.
Then people learned to do this "digidrum" thing they call, and faked a channel that lets you do samples. same happened on the C64.

Stefan: I'm not saying they are bad composer, maybe that what they are doing doesn't interest me. Same happens with LOTS of SID composers. I don't think they are taking the sound FORWARD.

So far there is only ONE current ST musician that I like, and he's Stu from DROPDABOMB.

from back in the 90s, I think only Hippel was the king.
Well, your childish, rude behavior is annoying. Why are you such an asshole?! I never said anything about people having to agree with me in this thread, so YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!! I am the DoomMaster and I do NOT take any shit from anyone, especially a big-mouth punk like you who likes to be the center of attention. If you were here right in front of me talking that shit, I would beat the living shit out of you, PUNK!!!! Why is my talk about the Atari STs MIDI ports and General MIDI "laughable"? I made a good point. The main "sound chip" for an Atari ST is a General MIDI keyboard, not the Yamaha sound chip that is inside the Atari ST. The Yamaha sound chip puts out 3-voice mono sound, which sounds ok, but when an Atari ST plays a General MIDI keyboard, it plays it in stereo and with up to 16 voices. It sounds really AWESOME!. Because the Atari ST has always had built-in MIDI ports, a lot of software supports those MIDI ports. So when you compare an Amiga computer to an Atari ST with a General MIDI keyboard hooked up, they both sound really awesome. They are both great computers.
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