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I would like to say I love both the AtariST and Amiga. Which one? Well I suppose the Amiga mainly due to having it for 8 years...but I admire the AtariST, but I admire Atari more for what they did to the gaming industry. They produced some excellent games back then.

About the sound of the machines....

Did you ever play Turrican on an AtariST & an Amiga? If you did you should have noticed that the music on the AtariST version cuts off...What I mean is, when you fire your weapon repeatively at the enemies the music would cut off...but on the Amiga version it didn't break the this to do with the available sound channels for music and sound effects on the Amiga and AtariST..

sorry If I am diverting some of you....I am interested to know.


- Hillsy.
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