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Originally Posted by Stefan Lindberg
The SID is superior to YM2149 just like the Amiga 500 is superior to Atari ST... but still i don't mind YM-music.

"how come the ST users wanted to imitate the SID sounds?"
I think it's more that they wanted to evolve the sound, like the SID music scene evolved and got digidrums for example.
the "sid-voice" and "sync-buzzer" effects was not created to imitate the SID, they where made because it was possible to make them at all. I think the Atari ST music scene evolved great and taking advantage of the fact that the 4-bit soundchip is in a 16-bit computer

Because the sid-voice and sync-buzzer is only fake YM2149 sounds, they are not in the YM2149 specifikations... the effects are made by the Atari ST.
Spectrum and amstrad can't make these effects, at least i think so... not really sure.
You are STILL missing the boat! The Atari ST has built in MIDI ports and uses a General MIDI keyboard to play the music of many games. But, that does not matter. What really matters is DO YOU LIKE THE ATARI ST COMPUTER? If you do, then fine. If you don't, that's ok too. The Amiga and Atari ST are BOTH great computers. They both LOST the computer war to the PC and Macintosh.
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