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Well, my vote goes for Skid Row, closely followed by Quartex.

I don't know if Skid Row did real good cracks, but I cannot remember bad cracks by them, either.
The main reason why I vote for them is that almost any games that was cracked by them was a cool game. Whenever I went to a friend of mine to have a look for some new games, and I saw a Skid Row intro coming up then I knew the game must be good. And in 99% of all cases it was good

Also Quartex ruled before Skid Row was formed out of Quartex's enemy 'Paranoimia' ( at least I have heard it was like that )
Also I believe Quartex was founded by one of the 2 guys of the legendary C64 group 'The Dynamic Duo'. He later had his own company called 'Dynatex' ( from Dyn amic Duo and Quartex It is said he was a very nice guy, but it's a very sad story because he later became victim of an accident
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