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Probs with Dopus 416!

I am running an exact copy of my A1200 hard drive through Winuae. After using Diskmaster2 for ages, i decide to give Dopus 4.16 a try. One of the main reasons being that DM2 needs to open a new screen & I like the idea of having Dopus open on the workbench screen. After dowloading from aminet, starting Dopus gives the error:

Directory Opus
Program failed (error#8000000B)
Wait for disk activity to finish

After clicking suspend, i can find a newscreen behind workbench with the Dopus toolbar but thats it. No amount of mouse clicking reveals anything.

I have tried it in my AIAB setup, and it works fine. Could there be something on my original A1200 setup which is stopping Opus from running? I have also tried with and without picasso. I have also checked there is nothing to do with opus anywhere in workbench.

I have no other problems with my setup. all games and apps run fine. I am thinking there may be an assign or commodity Dopus does not like.

Any Ideas before i start the long process of elimination ?

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