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Originally Posted by Akira
Where is the disagreement then? We're saying the same

I remember the "The One" competition to win an accelerator with a copy of TFX! haha

A pic of TFX's EF2000's cabin, with a Sopwith Camel from "Dawn Patrol" outside being shot down in flames, and a bubble pointing to it saying:
"Ach! If only I had one of those verrdammt accelerator cards.."

And a bubble from the TFX pilot saying "Eat my superior chip technology, fritz!"

Hahaha, classic compo. And the scary thing is that I know this shit off the top of my head!!!
LOL !!!
Hmmmm There was no disagreement i was aware of ???? I just happened to mention i had it running as sweet as a nut emulated

Thats the advert alright !!! I remember the mag shot now you mention the layout of it
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