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Hi m8.

Like Bloodwych said, if the space is there and isn't being used then it's pointless wasting it. Some people don't have/don't know of the full Assasins collection and while IMO the amount of decent & playable games in the collection is about 8%-10% it does give a snapshot over a period of time as to what that almost extinct breed of people called 'bedroom programmers' were up to.

BTW, is this all games? Any demos? I've literally within the last 10 minutes unearthed a CD I'd forgotten I had (and never used) which came free with my Surf Squirrel for the A1200 all them years ago called AMIGA CD SENSATION: DEMOS ARE FOREVER (C)1996. I'm going to have some fun having a look at them now but if it's any use to you then I can chuck a copy of it your way. 648MB of Amiga Demos, Diskmags & Music compilations, half of which is compressed(!)
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