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Eye of the Beholder 1
Turrican 1
Turrican 2
Alien Breed Tower Assault
Curse of the Azure Bonds
Death Knights of Krynn
Battle Squadron
Cannon Fodder 2
Falcon (Over 400 Merit points)
Crystal Dragon
Sensible World of Soccer (Top of Premier League for many years...chose Bottom Division team)
Dune 2
Another World
Full Contact

Nearly ones:

Bloodwych - Final Fight I stopped. I was knackered...

Cannon Fodder...Last level, last phase....helicopter hit lamp-post and killed all troops. tried it 30 times...died all the time...frustrated, stopped playing it.

Speedball 2 - Lost in final match in top league, If I won I would have become champion...damn game!!

Others I can't remember!!

@andreas - Well done for finishing Ultimate IV!!

@Galahad - Well done for finishing Speedball 2 & Shadow of the Beast!!

Some other Amiga/PC games were finished on the PC.

- Hillsy

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