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Originally Posted by manicx
Although the ST had the same soundchip as the CPC and Spectrum, they all run at different syncs. The ST had the ability to play SID quality sound
Now you are getting into difficult grounds. I suppose you NEVER composed music in any of these machines, did you? Composed anything in any sort of synth chip, for that matter? I suppose not.

The YM2149 is in NO WAY able to barely imitate what the SID does, and what is all this talk about "sync"?? You clearly have no idea of what you talk. Let's say the Speccy did run the AY8192 at a lower FREQUENCYrate than the Atari ST, having in mind the specs are quite different and the ST is clocked higher. All this can mean is probably smoother transitions between cycles (since you can, say, have a 1Khz cycle in the ZX while the Atari could run the same cycle at 7Khz. Made up numbers, thsi is just an example) so the transitions in an arpeggio table might be smoother in the ST. This means fuck all to any possibility of imitating the SID chip. These two synths sound so different, it all comes down to how they synthesize the sound and NOT to how fast the chips can run. An YM2149/AY8192 chip can in NO way sound anywhere near close a SID.

The SIDStation can make the SID run faster than 50/60Hz, but this doesn't mean it sounds better, or synthesizes something different, or whatever.

This is like saying I can make a waveform-synthesis keyboard like the early home Casios "produce SID quality sound". What is "SID quality sound" anyway?

and with proper chip sound editors you could have four channels of chip sound with 3 channels being the main YM2149 channels and 1 channel for digi sound.
That's what I was saying before, this digi channel was created with some of the shit present in later ST models like the 1040 I think, or something (could be just the 68000 doing it) NOT the YM. The YM2149 still sounds the same as the 128K's AY8192, period.

The Falcon is a great machine and no mistake, and it mops the floor with any A1200 anytime. It's just such a much better computer. Shame about the lame OS.
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