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We can have this sound discussion on many different levels and I guess we're discovering it's very subjective.

Bottom line is for the majority of general Amiga and ST users, the Amiga had superior graphics AND sound. You only had to look at my ST friend’s faces once I "upgraded". One of them, a hardened ST midi user and the last to be converted to the best side of the force, was nearly blown away with the theme music of Pinball Fantasies. Two weeks later he had an Amiga. Admittedly, he kept his ST for midi but that’s not the point….

So although we can discuss this on many levels, the Amiga for general game orientated users was a step up from the STFM. Only reason so many people had ST's first in the UK was because the Amiga was too expensive! And the main reason ST users bitched was their parents wouldn’t buy them an Amiga!

No blitter made them bitter! Then insanely jealous and quite dangerous actually – became mentally unstable in my opinion.

The Falcon was a nice machine however. Shame the market had left it behind by the time it was released. Made me realise that the A1200 was such a disappointment from Commodore. It should have had a 030 (or at least a much faster 020), DSP, new blitter and custom chips that could produce graphics equal or better than the threatening mega drive and snes. I mean come on, the Sharpe 68000 was released in 1986 and it’s graphics kicked arse for many arcade games!

Admittedly, the Amiga had strengths in other graphical area’s and game genres, but people were mainly comparing the arcade titles back then. Having said all that, it probably still would have ultimately failed against the PC/console onslaught.

Had the new machines (Falcon, A1200) been able to erupt a rivalry like the 520STFM vs A500, it would have been great to see which would have come out on top! A1200 vs Falcon? Perhaps it's Atari who had the upper hand in this one.

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