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Originally Posted by Akira
Obviously a Falcon can do much more with teh DSP (but the synth is still there, isn't it? No clue. If it is, it's still the same old chip that the Spectrum has)
Well, the Atari Falcon had a 8 channel 16 bit PCM audio system through the YM3449 sound chip as well as the DSP. The sound is just awesome and beate the hell out of any non-PC sound chip.

Although the ST had the same soundchip as the CPC and Spectrum, they all run at different syncs. The ST had the ability to play SID quality sound and with proper chip sound editors you could have four channels of chip sound with 3 channels being the main YM2149 channels and 1 channel for digi sound. I always loved the ST sound and I still love it. I actually prefer to fire up STsound in Windows and listen to my favourite YMs rather than listening to PT mods.
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