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Originally Posted by killergorilla
Not exactly what I had in mind....

Try something along the lines of Sega, Acclaim, Team 17 etc etc etc...
LOL... me knows... i just wanted to say, that this guy had the only games shop - in the past - near my place (12km exactly), and all he had, was C64 games, wedding dresses , Amiga craps or errorous disks . I remember bying from him the "Chaos Engine", and seein' in home that the game doesen't work ... ... after gettin' it back to him, he maked me change it for another game ... i chose the cheapest, just to finally get home...

But enough about Mr. "Not-Cheap", let's get real now... if there's only one vote, it goes to:

... if there are two votes, the second one goes to:
Team 17

...if there are three votes, the third one goes to:
Play Byte (Blue Byte)

...if there are four votes, the fourth one goes to:

...and finally, the fifth goes to:

PS: Sorry didn't read your post carefully... now it's top 5!
PPS: I only know Amiga publishers 'couse i only had/have/will always have the Amiga and... h...hey!!! Playstation!

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