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Originally Posted by RetroMan

Did you EVER saw a fully equipped Atari ST in a Sound Studio ? And did you SEE and HEAR what you can do with it ? If not, just shut up ....

You may be right considering home usage when putting in a game and listen to the sound, but in every other case the ST got MUCH BETTER sound than any other computer of that time !!!
Retroman? I'm really surprised by you jumping out like this!

I was NOT bashing the Atari ST at all.

A fuly equiped Atari ST in a sound studio surely had an external or other sort of audio card expansion. Because what the Atari ST came with, is the good old YM2149 sdynth chip and later its digi sound capabilities!!!!!

Obviously a Falcon can do much more with teh DSP (but the synth is still there, isn't it? No clue. If it is, it's still the same old chip that the Spectrum has)

the *stock* Atari ST one could buy anywhere, had these sound capabilities, with teh added advantage of MIDI ports. Nothing else. I really don't know where you're pointing at?

Anyway, by today standards, they are all just pish, but the thing they did back then in sound studios, was mainly sequenceing and utilizing its MIDI capabilities to the max, that's got nothing to do with their audio processing/synthesis capabilities, which for every model except a Falcon, were very "poor", at least for studio useage.

Then again today even Kylie Minogue wants that "retro computer sound" in her tracks :P
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