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Just watched this show. Deluxe Paint was in its early releases, and Music X was not even released. This is -early-

Then came the Video Toaster. I can understand what this meant to video! I mean, the guy showed how that bitch processed a realtime video feed, in real time, without a single DROP on the framerate!! That shit is valuable. Current VJing software couldn't do it that smooth I guess, not even with the simplest effect, unless you have a machine much much much beefier than a 7Mhz Amiga with a special graphics card (which is not any of the pixel-shading, gigaflop-pushing Radeons :roll)

The effects are cheese (more now), but obviously it got expanded. Shit like this has only been done quite recently. I mean, with that real time performance and all. In-fucking-credible.

Now I want a Toaster box! :P
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