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Originally Posted by Peanutuk
I remember in the "day" hearing that the ST's sound chip was "worse" than the Spectrum's.

Is this true?
No, it's a load of bollocks.

The ST's first came only with the synth chip, the YM2149, which is *almost exactly the same* synth chip that machines like the Spectrum 128 and above (not the 48k and stuff, which only had the bleeper) had (AY8192).

Then again later ST models had the power to add sample-based sound to that, therefore making them much more interesting than the Spectrum computers(and having a synth chip inside is something the Amigas lacked and could have been interesting. Something like a SID chip evolution, besides Paula's digital sound abilities)

If comparing the SYNTH chips of an Atari 1040 and a Spectrum 128K, one could say they are the same, but never inferior. I also presdume that having in mind the different machine specs, the Atari, having a faster clock frequency, might be able to do some stuff the spectrum couldn't, but it's possible that I am not correct, never had any hands-on experience with synth music composing in the Atari.
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