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ST's games loaded quicker

Also stating the ST's graphics were "piss poor" is a shite comment, You check out the Bitmap Brothers games (seen as greatest games on both systems) and tell me the Amiga's graphics are loads better than the ST's. Nonsense.
Better yes but to claim the ST's graphics were piss poor is a daft comment, here in the UK was a magazine which had a Amiga version & an ST version and they got caught using same screenshots in both versions! They got away with that for a number of years.

I admit after a while the Amiga outlasted the ST and pushed on but to label the ST's graphics piss poor is wide of the mark. I could say compared to the Super Nintendo the Amiga's graphics were piss poor, but at least 1 sensible chap stated each machine no matter how derided has it's qualities (Sega 32x = Virtua Racing Deluxe = superb!).

So both were great machines and I think it's sad to say that this shit ST Vs Amiga war still rages. I was an ST owner but I feel no need to slag the Amiga my friend had a Amiga so we complemented each other, we always had the opposite system (Mega Drive, Super Nintendo) so we could sample highlights of both systems.

Now thats of my chest

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