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E3B: USB controller 'Subway' - another production run? (Update)

E3B are currently gauging the demand for their clockport USB controller Subway. Using this expansion, even Classic Amigas lacking Zorro- or PCI-slots have access to USB peripherals. The remaining stock of Subway cards has been sold quite some time ago - but given sufficient demand, E3B would be willing to produce another batch.

If you're seriously interested in purchasing a Subway USB controller, please contact Michael Boehmer (mboehmer at At least 30 orders are required to justify the production costs. The anticipated price for a single unit would be about 89 EUR (incl. VAT).

Update: (07.09.2004, 13:45, cg)

To use the Subway with an Amiga 600, a socalled 'A600 clockport adapter' is required. Jens Schoenfeld from Individual Computers tells us that these adapters are in stock right now and ship for 9,90 EUR.

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