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Re: This is a tough choice...

Quartex cracked practically everything from 1988-1990 and then slowed down a lot after that. The early games (1988-1992) had lots of bugs on AGA machines and accelerated Amigas which was not Quartex' fault - at the time they didn't have 030's etc so the games worked. I personally admired them as they didn't add buggy intros and trainers to the games, just cracked them and spread. I have disassembled quite a few Quartex cracks and there are some really elegant ones where they didn't touch the original data, just "patch" around it - a difference on the original disk and the crack shows up minimal changes which is great. Not sure who wrote their poetry, always seemed to be someone on drugs writing that shit on their text intros. And they always asked you to purchase the original if you liked it, nice of them.
Well as an ex-Quartex member I can only say... THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!!!

Rob made some damn neat cracks. I remember on Heimdall both us and Crystal released it. NOMAD's crack used to require you to press Enter on the password screen. Rob removed the whole routine. That for me was the difference.

The poetry - well some was Waremonger (sysop of Your Link to Perfection) and some was The Surge (Ben) who was well known to have had a bit of a habit. This was the reason he was finally kicked out cos he seemed to want to spend group money on his habit rather than on what was agreed.

A real nice bunch of guys though Quartex.....


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