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Argh the false Babylon 5 data pops up again. Let's straighten it up again, once and for all.

Amigas were used to render the models of the PILOT program of Babylon 5. After they got signed up they threw all that slow garbage to the bin and bought a load of Pentiums, Macs and DEC/Alphas to render. That pilot must have taken them AGES to render on a Lightwave farm of Amiga 2000s!!!

"The B5 effects teams, both at Foundation and at NDI, use Lightwave 3D by NewTek and specialized software to design and render the visual effects. For the pilot, the effects were rendered on a network of Amiga computers; later, Foundation used 12 Pentium PCs and 5 DEC Alpha workstations for 3D rendering and design, and 3 Macintoshes for piecing together on-set computer displays. "

This intro seems to have been done completely in the Amiga, if at all. I want to see it to try and track down the real origin of the intro, how it was done.
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