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The Criterion release is friggen awesome and me recommends highly!

Ah, the golden age of gore on film, there's no disputing it.

An Atari 800 was tried for some video effects, but from what I gathered, it was never used in the film. The console itself made it into the film as a prop, you'll notice the Joysticks sitting on top of the television quite literally in the flesh.

The second disc provides us with the opportunity to see the uninterrupted Videodrome transmissions and claims that "All vestiges of the Videodrome signal have been filtered out to ensure tumor-free viewing."

Thereafter I began hallucinating and pledging "Long Live The New Flesh!".

I could provide this animated trailer in pristine quality (i.e. VOB format), but I doubt anyone is that interested.

Scanners is my next purchase in the video realm.
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