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Stupid Technical Questions

We all know what is parallax scroll, is when the screen is divided in layers, and each layer scrolls at a different speed, to make a 3D feeling and to make we all go like "Oh, he pushed the machine to its limits"

I do know Parallax scroll isn't that easy to be achieved (Just look at ECS games, there aren't many games with it, and the ones who have it, has just 2 or 3 layers).

Now, if the the scrolling part of the screen (the layers) were just a small part of the screen, and most of the screen didn't scroll (Take a look at the attached pic to have an idea of what I am talking about), would still be hard to do it? (My guess is not, as it's easier to scroll just a small bit of the screen, but I am no programmer, and I want to be sure about it.)

Again, the Atari ST is known for not being able to do proper horizontal scroll. If just a small part of the screen scrolled, would the Atari ST handle it better ?

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