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Because of my geographical location there is no chance to hear them "in the flesh", but a recording of one of their live sets is enough for me to know how they are.

*I* happen to find their work overrated by nostalgia (much like what happens with Rob Hubbard), and *I* happen to find these events a missed opportunity to showcase more artists that are in my opinion much more related to the old computers, and much more interesting as well. I know my words use to be harsh, sorry about that, call me "opinionated" if you will. Maybe I should have said "poor"? It's not a great band, in my opinion, I'm surprised you think so, given your musical background.

What would be so bad if you think Goto80 is shit? My reply was issued in the same way as yours so you see the free attack I received. I didn't mean to attack you with my comment about PPoT
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