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Well I for one donít get how the heck ppl can say that lionheart had better gfx then beast?
Design/style of things, beast wins apart from the psygnosis owlheads. Everything goes in a fantasy theme and fits according to the level.

Beast: A lush forest level with sweet parallax and bright colours, and then the much darker dungeon, once again everything in the same style..
Lion: A good looking copper, and THEN some browgreen crap stuck on it that doesnít come close to matching and on top of it all the mainsprite that got all the colors drained from the enemy sprites. The sprites them selves look pixelated compared to beast since they try to stick to much details and not enough shades.
And then thereís the musicÖ and I donít even think I need to comment on that.
To this day thereís still no beast remix thatís as good as the original.
As for gameplay.. Iíd say they are about as bad both of them.
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