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Question Best cracking group

In recent months I've seen Codetapper, Akira and others talking about how crap this group was and how this group never released a good crack and so on.

All this is new to me, I was 14 when I sold my Amiga so I didn't pay any attention to whether a crack was goos or not, after all they were free so that made them OK in my book

So up there you'll see a list of the major (As I see them anyway) cracking groups, vote for your favourite and post a comment to back up your vote (If your not to ashamed)

There was a time when I thought Skid Row were the best (It's alright you can laugh) as almost ever crack I had was done by them

Of course now I read the scroll text's and stuff so I gather there was quite a war going on in the old days

So my question is simple, Just who were the best?

PS. If your favourite group isn't listed there is two things you can do:-
  1. Moan and bitch until a moderator adds your choice
  2. Stop whining and post your favourite in a reply
BTW I voted for Paradox
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