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Ok, since some of you don't go to (bless you), I guess it needs a little explaining.

There's a guy called DoomMaster there who's quite the know-it-all, often sprouting misinformation (acting like it's the 100% undisputable truth) and refusing to be corrected when he's mistaken.

"You do NOT know what you're talking about"

He insists that all ceramic chips are mil spec (and you know there's many chips with a ceramic casing), and it's pretty much a running gag now at

That A500T the link was for is what he reckons the only right way to tower an A500, it doesn't really have all that many upgrades to it.. I guess it's got potential for the future, but it isn't exactly the beefiest A500 out there. :-)

But well.. If you don't know, don't worry. You haven't missed all that much. :-)

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