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Most of that last post didnt make sense, Marco- erm, what? (to about 70% of the post which was marco-english = bits I understood- lol)

I'd like to see.....

Moonstone sequel- in the style of a mix of MMORPG (or whatever you call it - without the monthly fee) + action :-) that'd kick so much ass

Supercars 3 - Come on ppl! So many people loved the Supercars series of games- does anyone have any idea where Magnetic Fields went? Maybe as a choice between 2d + and 3d would be fun too- you know, traditional modes + inside car etc ;-)

It Came From the Desert 3 - hehe, think of the amount of ambience you can put into this game nowadays! The first game scared me sh!!@less when I was a kid- with a harsh plot - maybe this time we could perhaps change the story everytime? it'd be nice to have something new happen everytime you start a new game - the original had things only happen at certain times :-E

Transplant 2 - love to see a sequel- thats why me and a m8 are working on it :-)

otherwise, any companies needing a designer / modeller / multimedia guy contact me :-) hehe
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