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mmm i was considering what you said guys after have a look at the official site of Pirates (a quick one, and i'm not impressed, the 3d style is kinda old and cartoonesque, but i hope that the gameplay will stich to the old one... what 's the word for "the first impression you get in entering a new ambient and being surrounded by it: if it's natural and flamboyant new as the original pirates, this is great, else the ambient is just another one..." ok you don't know... how pity) and then...
then it occurred to me that it's like the year between 1994 and the present are just simply something else; ok of course they are, someone may say; but let me explain: who, when asked for naming a sequel, really give corpse for the idea around the name and try to imagine how relly would it be? i bet that most of the time, if you do, you get out with the features it would have now, as Sid Meier does now for Pirates.
what if, in a parallel occurrency, the "amiga taste" wich may as well comprehend atari's and others, the taste in gameplay/interface(the concept of graphic and sound are in there too) of the half dozen of years that we consider classic for amiga (not so arbitrary, it's the period for many of us in wich we approached to computers and the similar, and/or the time of our adolescence, looking at a poll about our age here around again these days), what if this taste and sense i've said would have been evolved slower and not have become retrĂ²? maybe it is not anyway...
just a thought, but i think that the sequels could as well be approached, pursued with a different scope. mah
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