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mmm i don't know if NitroX86 hangs around still, but i didn't answered to him... well i think that the most honest answer is still my first post up there. at least for me they concern much more passing time because you are bored than true amusement.
aww it's cool to see that time pass and you keep being that perfect being spreading your rays of light around you like a nice spring sun and a one you can count on as usually! oh no need to thank me people

aehm anyway i would like to add a couple of games that i would like to see sequelled (i don't really know if this word exist, if it don't, well just pay me the rights if you use it from now on):

Legends of Valour

The first being the rpg with the best text output ever to my knowledge (not really the script that is kinda straight forward) and the one with the best ambient, background, 2d graphic i've ever seen. but please mind that is the text the most important part, believe me it's like a little exploit in digital entertainment of that beautiful mechanism of telling, the suggestion, the suspance of incredulity... really it should be saved if only for that! then you have great music and a intro, a fair gameplay etc
The latter, as written elsewere today, well it didn't had really a chance, did it? it could have been a masterpiece if not for the bugs and poor graphics, if only amiga had a better time later on and people would have support it beyond the pretty evidents flaws, a second coming would maybe have been great
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