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Alien Breed 3D
One of the worst looking games around BUT those level designs were absolutely brilliant and each of them just oozed atmosphere from every pore. Completed this game both on Amiga and under emulation last year!

As soon as I'd finished playing AB3D I went out and bought Testament from Electronics Boutique (now GAME) as it was the only Amiga FPS game they had in. It looked slightly better than AB3D but didn't come close on atmosphere and was a little on the boring side.

Found this game really boring to be honest.

I played this until about level 6 - I so wanted to enjoy the game but the whole thing seemed a bit of a chore and i came to the conclusion it wasn't any good.

I had an A1200 with 040, fpu & 18 meg of memory. Still, I couldn't get this game running at a decent pace! The 020 version was just total pants though! After reaching level 2 I thought 'this is rubbish - Amiga Power got the review spot on (wasn't it awarded 2%?)

Decent speed but uninspired and bland looking.

Genetic species.
Now this is a great game with a couple of flaws. It looks great, moves at a decent speed but has a crap saving system and (for me) seemed to involve a lot of back-tracking.

So, it's either AB3D or Genetic Species - and I think AB3D just edges out in front. It was just so playable!
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