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Ohhh those vicious circles...:-o

Amiga 600 and NO workbench...

Oh you poor boy. Seems you're out of luck then ...
I shit you not: you MUST get a workbench on real Amiga floppy disk somehow.

Even if you're using those AmigaBASIC solutions like WarTrans to get your first file over to the Amiga, you MUST have a workbench because AmigaBASIC is on Extras 1.2/1.3 and this disk doesn't auto-boot -- so you can't even start AmigaBASIC from it!

Cloanto has the AmigaExplorer for your pleasure.
Great program, but - you guessed it: no go without a workbench, because you need to start setup from PC side with a working serial connection. And serial.device is - righto! - on a workbench.

So ... the starting point of it all *IS* a working, virus-free REAL workbench disk. Otherwise I don't see any way in getting your ADFs to your miggy.
Am I wrong?
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