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My vote is for AlienBreed3D-II I liked very much on my 030.

I was disappointed by the first AB3D, just too lame the c2p graphic routine. I dont liked the screen so little with 2x2 pixels-size.

I also loved a lot Breathless just incredible fast being a Doom-alike game, and not merely a Wolfestein-alike (the no-diagonals trick worked good). It was nice, althought a bit boring. Pityful my version get reset in advanced levels.

Respect Robocop3, I think is dissapointing.. The FPS stage is just like a minigame. Enemies Static, no variety. I would like Ocean-DID elaborated more this stage, and even forget the car and flying sections.

Another promising FPS in a RPG style was Corporation from CoreDesign, Good graphics, nice atmosphere, smooth and fast.. but uncontrolable, I have not clue of how to play in this game.
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