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Floppy disk

@Antiriad: aggh! you uncovered my secret identity!

I finally managed to transfer some files to the PC

For some reason lha on the A1200 kept corrupting the archive so I made
a .tar archive, transferred that via smbfs, untarred it on the PC and made
a .lha there using GnuWin32 lha -o5. So if you can't unarchive the files
below, they're corrupt or whatever I wouldn't be very surprised ... but do
let me know OK?

AB3D-RTG: (5Mb)

This is the Devpac source to my aborted AB3D-RTG project, based on
the AB3D source found on the Amiga Format cover CD containing the
TKG source (number 11 IIRC). I'm not 100% sure this will make the full
AB3D game but theres definitely a chance!

QBreed: (3Mb)

A little surprise Another aborted project, this time to convert AB3D levels
to the Quake engine. Theres enough here to convert the basic geometry to
Quake .map format, which can then be compiled into a working level using
the Quake tools. I'd also started some QuakeC coding to make switches
and (I think) doors work but its far from complete.

A fundamental problem is that the Quake 1 and 2 engines do not support
large enough levels to contain all the AB3D levels. Quake 3 does however
IIRC so you're best starting there. I gave up at the time as I didnt have a
PC to run Quake 3 on, but I have compiled a .map file and started it under
Quake 3 so it should be OK. All you need to do is write the game logic to
the Q3 SDK, model some monsters, convert the sounds,...


There may be copyright and suchlike notices in the archives above but
just ignore them. It's all public domain now so do with it as you see fit,
though I'd prefer it if you didn't distribute them further than yourself.
There are binaries in the archives that probably shouldn't be distributed
but y'all probably have most of them and they were most likely on the
cover CD anyway so I hope/don't think anyone will get too bent up
about it.

I don't remember much about either of these projects, its been a few
(3-5) years since I looked at them so I won't be much help ... think of
that as a nice way of saying "You're on your own, don't bother me"

Of course I'd be very interested (and more than a little surprised) if
someone managed to do something (anything) with this lot!

Have fun...
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