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Exclamation My share of Problems with Eagleplayer 2.01

I just got a bunch of files from Exotica and tried to set Eagleplayer up( I used Deliplayer2 ages ago ).

There now some probs with additional Players, for example there are newer TFMX-Players from "The Wanted Team". Copied them in the right Folder, but there already were some slightly different named older TFMX-Players (ex.: old="TFMX_Pro", new="TFMX Pro"), so far no prob - i just deleted the old ones.
The Problem is that EP automatically loads the Players when they are needed using "Playerloader" - and that, you guessed it searches for the OLD Name. In the case of TFMX I can solve that by renaming the Players to the old names, but what about NEW Players?
Loading all Players at start aint a Option, since EP doesnt remember its settings( unregistered ) and even if it would be a dirty solution.

"Extractor"-Engine: The configuration has for LHA e and for LZX x as option - means one time the file inc. full path gets extracted (x), the other just the file - which one is right?
also it could not extract That file , although the Archive is in perfect shape.

Well I think there was 1 more prob, but I dont remember and gotta leave now...
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