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Originally Posted by Adeptus
Should be just a matter of wiring the 2nd button to the correct pin.
(Look at if you need the pinout.)
Might need a new cable - most joysticks don't have the full 9 wires, just what they need.
Well I've had a bit of a joystick weekend. I went to a bootsale and picked up a Sega Arcade Stick for 1.

I also destroyed a quickshot python (sorry weasel_ch!! ) and used the innards to make my zipstick 2 button.

It was fairly straight forward. Just a matter of soldering the correct wires to the correct microswitches. Great fun.

Now I can play R-Type and roadkill etc etc on the best joystick ever and not have to leap forward and whack the space bar! woooo.
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