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Ok...Ok, I'm ready to vote!! Oh...shall I tick here here here there... Ah! I cannot vote too many good ones!! Erm...
Well it's a match between Dungeon Master, Elite, Rocket Ranger, Virus, IK+, F/A 18 Interceptor, or Carrier Command...

Virus was a good game, but it had terrible control method. F/A 18 Interceptor was good, but I liked Falcon better. Hmmmm....Rocket Ranger was good, but was it all just flashy sequences.... Carrier Command...yes good, but it could be completed very quickly if you know the right moves....IK+ was a good game too, but is their enough there to warrant it to be the winner, no I don't think so..Elite & Dungeon Master are great games too, but they first appeared really on the the winner is....Oh...damn none left!!

Let's start again....24 hours later....damn I missed the vote!!


PS: The winner really has to go to Dungeon Master. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Happy voting to you all!!
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