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Originally Posted by DrBong
Hate to tell you this, but Elite was released in early 1989 (confirmed by a couple of magazine reviews) and not 1988. I just noticed this error recently in the HOL entry and fixed it. Kind of stuffs up the poll a bit.....sorry.

Ok, easy fix would be for those who voted for Elite (myself included), just to post thier new vote in here and I will add up the votes and post a nice graph or something so everyone can see how the voting finished. I'll email/pm those who have a new vote, I'll give them a fair chance to respond and if they dont then I'll have to not count thier vore

Thanks again for taking part, we all get another chance to vote for Elite in the 1989 poll, comming later

My vote now goes for Dungeon Master, I spent days wandering around, lost and confused. I like it so much thats now how I live my life.

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